Local Market Data

Here you will find market data of select towns in the local area I service, which is the greater South Shore and South Coast of Massachusetts.

These sales charts are for single family homes from the Multiple Listing System used by real estate brokers and their sales agents.



Average Sale Price vs Median Sales Price

These charts display a trend of single family home sales per quarter starting from 1st quarter 2014. This data provides a view of what the market trend is for that town. This data is the benchmark measurement used when looking at the macro view of the market.

Although this data tracks the market trend it is backward looking and does not truly predict the future trend of the market. It is still a good indicator as to where the market may be heading.

As always look to me for the most up to date view on the market via email or phone so we can make an appointment to get you the clearest view on the market pulse

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Average vs Median Sales Price






Pending Home Sales 2018/2019

Pending Home sale charts display single family family homes that have a contract for sale for each month. Also included is the comparison from the previous year.


Bristol County
Norfolk County
Plymouth County



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