Robert Astore

Local Market Data

The information in these sales charts of single family homes were gathered from the Multiple Listing System (MLS) used by real estate brokers and their sales agents. Sales completed outside MLS, sales without the use of broker or sales agent, are are not included. The accuracy of the information is the most complete at the time the information was gathered. Changes could have occurred after the time this data was obtained.


Quartely Average Sale Price vs Median Sales Price

These charts display a trend of single family home sales per quarter over a 3 year time span.

The data is backward looking and does not truly predict the future trend of the market. It is still a good indicator of how stable, or unstable, the housing market is.

Please contact me to learn the current status of your towns' housing market.





Pending Home Sales 2022/2023

Pending Home sale charts display single family family homes that have a contract for sale for each month. Also included is the comparison from the previous year.

Bristol County

Norfolk County

Plymouth County